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Is it Reliable?

Lets just let Mr. Alec Baldwin answer this one.... This commercial is for USA users, which may only invest in cryptocurrencies, but all Europe countries can invest or copy investors who are trading stocks, like Lloyds Bank, Google, Prudential, Amazon, Appe, VIsa and all major companies in the world.

Where to Invest?

You can trade several different assets at eToro.com, from currencies to stocks, including UK most popular ones.

For us, the most reliable assets are stocks, commodities and other instruments based on stocks. We recommend extreme attention with currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as leverage usage.

Who to copy?

This may seem to be the easiet part, but if one cannot make the correct decisions... losses might be on their way!

First rule is not being greedy: look for low risk investors, with at least 2 years of proven solid returns and, most important, never invest everything on a single investor, unless you are 100% sure about the professionalism and skills of such investor.